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Sinus & Asthma Relief Facials Using Genie Complete Programme

Many people suffer from congestion and blocked sinuses.  Others have months of misery during the high pollen months.

Genie Complete has solutions to aid in decongesting the sinuses, lessening facial pain and discomfort.  The sinus & hay fever programme can also assist in reducing snoring in men & women.

Lymphatic Drainage of Face & Neck

As with the body our face and neck are of course part of our bodies and the lymphatic system extends to the head.  When having a lymph drainage treatment on the face and neck, the results will be also relieve congestions in the head.


  • Improve dark circles under the eyes
  • Improve acne
  • Decongest skin pores
  • ​Deep cleanse

3D-Lipo Chin Lipo - Fat Freezing

How to rid yourself of that double or treble chin!

If you wish you didn't have that extra little chin or three, then

3D-Lipo Chin Lipo is for you!  A quick and simple non surgical 30 minute treatment to freeze your chin away and once it's gone it's gone for good!

Compliment the treatment with a Micro-Tech course to tighten it, or a course of 3D-Lipo Radio Frequency.  It can take 10 years off your face!

Look in the mirror and feel more confident, more youthful and ready to tackle the day!

Daily life takes its toll on all of us, and what was once a vibrant youthful face, has now become one tired of everyday life.  BUT it needn't be.

Shape & Sculpt offer rejuvenation treatments, facial gym workouts, detoxification, shaping and toning for your face.

Our Genie Take Ten treatment gives your face a fantastic workout in just 10 minute sessions using a unique & specially designed wave form 1000 times stronger than anything else on the market, to re-educate your facial muscles to work and hence tighten.  Over a course of 12-15 treatments your facial muscles will learn how to be taught and elastic again and make you look younger and put your features back where they once were!

Combine this amazing technology with the Genie Micro-Tech facials, your skin will become firmer, more radiant and plumper.

Look Younger & More Vibrant With Face & Neck Lifting, Toning & Shaping & Without Surgery!