Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we offer these treatments?
Simple!  We want to help other people feel good about themselves!  Hormones can play havoc with ladies bodies and weight gain, childbirth, and ageing can really dent confidence.  Everyone wants to look their best, and I can help them achieve that - easily, safely and non-invasively.    

What does Shape & Sculpt offer that is different to any other beauty salon?
We offer RESULTS driven treatments.  Pamper type facials are lovely, but other than an hour on the couch, they do not show any lasting changes to your face or body.

Why would people come to us instead of a London salon or clinic?

Why pay London prices when we are local?  Most of the people that come to me are looking for a discreet service.  Ladies in particular, often do not like to tell their friends or family in case they are viewed as vain. If you enter a salon in London (or anywhere for that matter), people know you are looking at having "work done".

How do our treatments work then?
That's a good question, and one that is complex, but in a nutshell, they induce the body to undertake totally natural processes that the body may have forgotten how to do or that diminish or stop with age.  These include things like cell death with fat freezing or cavitation, and stimulation of new cell growth in things like mesotherapy and radio frequency, microdermabrasion etc.

What conditions can we treat?
Many!  Body sculpting and shaping, skin tightening, stretch mark reduction, treating acne, pigmentation sun damage.  Anti-ageing skin care and facial lifting non-surgically to name a few.

Are our treatments painless?

Most definitely - totally non invasive, with no pain, no downtime, no knives, no needles, no recovery, no aftercare.

Do I have to diet if I have treatments?
Not at all, but healthy eating is strongly advised to obtain optimum results. Many clients are on weight loss programmes and have body contouring to help ‘fine tune’ their bodies shape 
and appearance.  The treatments are not a substitute for eating sensibly and healthily.

Everyone's body reacts differently so some people will see very significant results, others may not see such a dramatic change.

How long will my treatments last?
Any of the fat removal treatments offer permanent removal of fat cells. If you put weight on, the remaining fat cells will increase in size, but the treated areas will remain less fat than they were originally as when you gain weight, this is distributed over the entire body.

What about other treatments - how long do they last?

The other treatments offer ongoing improvements and require maintenance treatments at specific intervals.  If you stopped altogether, then the effects achieved whilst undergoing treatments would gradually fade over time.  The only treatments that do not need maintenance are Cryolipolysis (fat freezing) and Ultrasound Cavitation (fat melting).

Is it expensive?
We offer 'client advantageous' special discount plans totally interest free.  Value is very subjective, but Shape & Sculpt are very aware that achieving the face or body you want should not be done on the cheap.  Our equipment is top of the range and endorsed by Lord Sugar, medics and celebrities.  We only offer very safe and trusted treatments and we are trained and insured so you are in safe hands.  We believe our prices are highly competitive across the industry.

Why do I have to have a consultation before I can have a treatment?
We need to check your medical history and any medication you may be taking that may be a contra-indication for the treatments we offer.  Occasionally, we have to decline treatment if someone has a particular condition that would give them less than satisfactory results. We assess the problem that you may have and tailor treatments for you, and you alone.  Certain conditions like recent surgery, being pregnant, or having cancer, will prevent treatments being offered.  
At the end of that consultation, we will then advise you of the cost of treatment for you to consider.  There is no obligation to proceed if you do not wish to.