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 ​​​​​​​​​General Lymph Drainage


  • overweight or dieting - helps eliminate fat
  • post illness for body cleansing
  • for improvement of general wellbeing



  • stimulates new cell generation
  • creates re-nourishment of cells
  • improves metabolic rate
  • helps reduce stress and fatigue



  • ​stimulates dieresis
  • assists in removal of toxins



  • gentle toning of the muscles
  • increases metabolism
  • good for post operative aftercare and general welfare for the elderly



  • reduces cellulite on any part of the body including hip & thigh area
  • removes toxins & assists cellulite removal

NB* These treatments are particularly effective when used in conjunction with the corresponding Genie Slimtone or Toning programme or any 3D-Lipo treatment. 

​Lymphatic Drainage Options

​Lymphatic drainage is something many of us give little thought to, as usually our bodies do it all by themselves and we don't even know it's happened.  But sometimes, our lymph system needs a little bit of help to clear out toxins that may have accumulated due to ill health, viruses, dieting etc.  Even if you feel OK, a general body detox every 3-6 months can help your body to keep itself in top condition.  As you can see from this chart, the system is very complex, so the occasional nudge is beneficial.

​​Other Genie Body Treatments

Genie Complete also offers the following treatments for your body, ensuring your health & wellbeing.  Using different wave forms and different pad layouts, you will ease that aching back, unclog your lymph system to remove congestion and allow you to feel more energised.

Our lymphatic system is often neglected and sometimes it needs some extra stimulation to rid your body of toxins.

  • Back Stress Massage
  • Back Sciatica Pain Relief​​

 Treatment Area Combinations

  • Slimming - waist & thighs
  • Slimming - bust, abdomen & inner thighs
  • Slimming - chest, abdomen & arms (Men)
  • Slimming - overall back reduction
  • Cellulite - buttocks & back thighs
  • Slimming - buttocks & abdomen​
  • Toning - waist, abdomen & front thighs​

​Body Treatments - Slimming & Toning




This treatment uses specifically developed electronic wave forms to stimulate your muscles into working, as they do in exercise.  Pads are applied to strategic places depending on which areas are being targeted. The wave form then contracts the muscle groups to exercise them whilst using that not only build and strengthen your muscles, but help burn fat too.  Everyone starts off on a low level and this is increased incrementally over the course of treatments. The results speak for themselves!

​​​​​How to Slim Down Your Body & Tone It - Without Going to the Gym or Doing Any Exercise! 

With our Genie Complete Lifestyle equipment, we can take the pain out of 'no pain, no gain'  for you!

Genie Complete has different programmes to exercise the whole body whilst you lay back and relax for between 20 - 30 minutes.   The abdomen session gives the equivalent of 360 sit ups in just a sedate and comfortable 20 minutes!