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How Does It Do That?

The body calls upon a perfectly natural process to tighten tired and aged skin.  The rejuvenation process reduces as we get older and hence as we 'age' our skin becomes more lined, less supple and not as plump as it once was.  This is a result of the underlying layers or

structure built by collagen and elastin, reducing in regeneration, stretching and becoming less 'elastic'.

When an area is treated with Radio Frequency waves, the waves travel into the body and heat up the skin & tissue layers directly underneath.  Once the layers reach a certain temperature, signals are sent to the brain to ask what is happening.  The brain processes the response to the heating of the skin layers and instructs the body to generate more Collagen fibres and Elastin and directs it to the treatment area.  The collagen rebuilds broken links in its' fibrous network and is the framework for the elastin to bond to, making the area stronger, more resilient and plumper, which in turn makes the treated area more youthful and tighter than before.

This natural response happens from the first treatment and continues the process of regeneration for several weeks after.  A course of 8 treatments is required over 6-8 weeks, after which a monthly top up session it advised to remind the body it needs to continue it's work.

Most women are very conscious of their tummy after childbearing and feel less confident in a bikini, let alone at home with their partner. There are some good remedies on the market, but nothing can help more than initiating the bodies own natural defence mechanism against damaged tissue like Radio Frequency treatments.  The treatment goes under many names such as Thermage or Peleve, but all originate from radio frequency waves which heat the skin up and so initiate the bodies natural defence to 'repair' the heated tissue.  The procedure is pain free, relaxing, and highly effective.  The short video below gives a brief explanation of the treatment. Different hand pieces provide treatment to either dermis or epidermis to achieve optimal results.

Improve & Minimise Stretch Marks, Tighten Slackened Skin , Rejuvenate & Firm Up

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Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Suitable treatment areas are:

  • tummy
  • thighs
  • arms
  • decolletage​​

Would you like to improve the appearance of your Mummy Mummy ?  Childbearing leaves us with wonderful memories, but also some we'd rather not have!   Most things we try are ineffective, UNTIL NOW!