Let that be YOU  too 

One year from when I started -

  • I could buy clothes anywhere I wanted

  • get into skinny jeans

  • wear high heels again

  • wear fitted clothes rather than baggy ones

  • not feel so tired all the time (lugging an extra 50 lbs around is hard work!)

  • I feel more attractive

  • enjoy getting up everyday

  • having loads more energy

  • got my sparkle back

  • and for the first time in a very long while - I actually liked my reflection in the mirror!  

This was ME in 2012 so I KNOW what it is like to be overweight, to hate trying to find nice clothes, feeling uncomfortable, being fat and out of shape.  So, I embarked on a mission to shed my weight - just half a stone at a time.  After a 2 stone weight drop my weight plateaued and would not shift another ounce.  I was on the verge of giving up as I still hated how I looked and then one day I was searching Google and stumbled on the term "Fat Freezing".

The rest as they say is history . . . .  In total I lost 3.5 stone by being motivated by my fat freezing results, and wanted my story & dramatic change to be available to other people like me, and hence, Shape & Sculpt was born . . . 

Shape & Sculpt is a specialist in changing the way your face & body looks, but there are some people who we may not be able to help.

What Shape & Sculpt offer is NOT weight loss, but INCH LOSS although that does not mean to say that we cannot help people who are very overweight.

 A FREE consultation is offered to everyone and a prescribed treatment plan is tailored for you specifically.  Our treatments are not a 'one size fits all' option and having 'read the book, seen the film and got the T shirt' we can offer you a lot more than most salons that have a vast array of treatments.  

We are fully trained, certificated and fully insured so you are in safe hands.

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Is This Suitable for You?

We give YOU the opportunity to give a desired area of your body, a new and improved look & WITHOUT any surgery, pain, needles, faddy diet drinks or meal plans, or any rigorous exercise or any down-time!  

We promise to deliver the best aesthetic & non-surgical options and offer outstanding solutions for you and your body.  Shape & Sculpt make sure you look like the best YOU possible.  

Using state of the art equipment,  your problem areas such as bulges of fat that you hate, are easily and permanently removed.  Our 3D-Lipo equipment is endorsed by Lord Sugar and his 2013 Apprentice winner, Dr. Leah Totten, who use the very same in their London clinic.  We also use the Genie Complete Lifestyle with it's unique specially developed wave form to return amazing results in quick treatment times.

Shape & Sculpt specialises in BODY & FACIAL inch loss, skin tightening, face & body lifting and toning, and cellulite treatments. This is all that we do and we know and are very aware of new and current non-surgical aesthetic trends. 

Our team of specialists will take the time to discuss what you want to achieve and determine the appropriate treatments to accomplish the improvements you're going for.  

We're Here to Make You Feel and Look Beautiful

Procedures Available

​My Knowledge - For What It's Worth

I have been fortunate enough to have had a vast array of experiences in my working life which in conjunction with attending the University of Life, provides me with an abundance of learning in many sectors of business.  My natural 'bent' is one of being creative and intuitive which has enabled me to become highly successful in whatever avenue I have explored.  Because of this, and my ability to absorb knowledge of all types, I am able to excel in whatever I work at or work with and go to extraordinary depths or research into whatever I offer.

  • My early career was that of being a hairdresser for 7 years. Whilst this was highly enjoyable it did not quench my thirst for learning more about what was out there.

  • I left hairdressing to pursue a career in Advertising as it gave me the ability to display my creative side, whilst understanding more about business.

  • From this I went on to work in a local manufacturing company which made highly technical parts for aircraft such as Concorde and I rose to the challenge of making sure that the orders for Flight On Ground aeroplanes were shipped on time.

  • This led me to join another technical manufacturing company which produced specialist materials for major companies to prevent Radio Frequency interference in everything that surrounds us today.  After 13 years with the company the workforce grew from just 8 people to 120+ and I managed all bar direct sales & accounts.​​

Whilst these roles are not directly linked to where I am today, they gave me an enormous thirst to learn more, to spread my wings more, and absorb incredible amounts of technical knowledge, which no school could have taught me.

I then went on to have my delightful daughter, or whom I am so proud, but I needed the buzz of work and the daily challenges thrown at me. I became inspired by all the beautiful clothes my baby girl had outgrown, some never worn, and set up a 'dress agency' for children's clothes.

This was highly successful, which I later expanded into Evening Dress hire and acquired shop premises.  Before I knew it, the business had become a wedding shop with over 200 wedding dresses for local brides to select their dream dress from.

It was such a pleasure to be part of someones big day and soon their mothers were wanting Mother of the Bride attire, which was then part of our offering.  This then extended to the Groom and soon we had the whole wedding party catered for, from top to toe. Over a period of ten years we opened another three shops in Alton, Windsor and also a general ladies clothes shop in Fleet.

During this time I trained to become a Colour Analyst with House of Colour, giving people advice on which colour spectrum suited their skin tone and hence enable them to look stunning in colours that made them 'pop' rather than wearing colours which did nothing for them.  This led onto image analysis as well, making sure that people wore items that were best suited to their body shape, body proportions and that patterns were of the right 'type' to flatter their body the most.  These processes were so fascinating and highly rewarding for the client, and I imagine this fuelled my desire to make people look the best they could.  There was never any 'flannel' if something just did not work for someone, I could tell instantly it was wrong and would make suggestions as to what did work for them.

After ten years in this industry, I was ready for a new challenge and my husband & I decided to enter the property market.  I have always had a knack for putting together rooms too and with my colour analysis background, I was able to put obscure colour combinations together for the home too!  So, we built a property portfolio of rental homes, two of which are holiday homes in South West Wales.  This has been my main focus over the last 6 years or so, and I got into the Aesthetics market purely by chance when searching Google one day for something and came across the term Fat Freezing.  "Why would anyone want to freeze fat?"  I asked myself.

Several months of research enabled me to launch Shape & Sculpt, during which time I have been fully trained on all of the treatments I offer today.  This allows me to be fully insured to perform these treatments for clients and it gives me enormous pleasure to be able to offer people revolutionary solutions to the age old problem of FAT! 

I'm sure you would also like to know that I am fully qualified in the treatments I offer and hold the relevant insurance.

Need Inspiration?

PS.  As an added bonus, I got to buy a whole new wardrobe too!

  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Body Contouring & Shaping
  • Breast & Body Lifting
  • Facial Sculpting
  • Fat Freezing
  • Male Face & Body 
  • ​Microdermabrasion

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